We were notified today that Saria was “name-calling” at school.  Usually we aren’t given the details, so we will ask her to tell us her side of the story so we can have a fair reaction.  When we asked her what happened, she stated that she was not calling them bad names.  She insisted that instead she was calling them “cutie-pies” but they heard it as “stupid-heads”.

Upon further investigation later that night, we found she not only was calling them bad names, but there was something else she said that the teacher did not know about it.  Since she has recently become interested in gardening and in the tree saplings we see growing all over the yard, she was hypersensitive to the kids on the playground pulling them out. Mark had explained to her that if left alone, they can grow to become trees.  Apparently she was telling the kids to stop.  She explained that they were growing trees and that when you pull them out of the ground, you kill them. When they wouldn’t listen she called them names and when they kept pulling them out, she told them that since they were killing all those poor trees, that she was gonna kill them.

Of course she doesn’t really mean it, but her passion sometimes gets in the way of her filtering process.  In fact, she told me yesterday that she can not help saying things without thinking because, “that’s just an Asperger’s thing”.  To which I quickly retorted that it may be, but it is also something that we will be working on improving.   When we do finally find a behavioral therapist to work with us,  she will have her work cut out for her.