Saria has been attack hugging kids at school, and has started to get a bad reputation, even though I don’t see a problem with hugging, some kids would rather not be hugged. I’ve been giving her direction on how to improve her reputation, and she has been working on complementing kids and trying to keep her hands to her self.

While driving to school, I was giving Saria more ideas on what she could complement, so that she doesn’t keep complimenting kids on their shoes and their backpacks. I was suggesting necklaces, new hair styles, and Saria finished with “and ties?”

I said “Yes, and ties. Great idea!”

“That reminds me, ” Saria said, “I forgot to wear my tie.”

It only took her a split second to find the silver lining though, and she added “At least I don’t live in the jungle and a monkey could have stole it.”