Emily, the ABA therapist came on Friday evening.

After an introduction and some questions, she got to business and asked us what behaviors we wanted to target.

We had a hard time quantifying the most problematic behaviors. Mostly it was Saria’s need to have everything her way and her inability to control her frustration which leads to horrible tantrums. Not sure we were on the right path, I asked Emily what behaviors parents usually try to target. Emily said that tantrums and not following directions were the two primary ones. Those were basically the problems we identified, with not following directions very similar to Saria only doing what she wanted to do, and requiring everyone to do what she wanted.

The therapist has us tracking Saria’s problem behaviors for a week, including tracking the “immediate antecedent” and the “immediate consequence”, in order to determine if Saria’s behavior is the result of the desire for attention, materials, escape, or sensory stimulation.