Saria had her tonsils and adenoids removed last Friday in order to treat her mild sleep apnea. She’s been in pain, on a soft food diet, and her appetite has been low, so she’s been drinking a lot of meal replacement drinks.

Her throat has been feeling a lot better the past two days, but her ears are aching, which is normal due to referred pain caused by swelling.

Saria expects her pain medicine to remove the pain entirely, and instantly, after she takes it. As a result, she doesn’t believe us that it works and has been fighting us on taking it. Even though we’ve explained it to her over 20 times, she thinks it’s impossible that the LorTab is helping with her pain in any way. The possibility of it helping with her pain is as possible as her being a green alien, she said.

This morning, Saria had a milk chocolate flavored Carnation Instant Breakfast and then asked, “Mom, can I have a reincarnation?”

Saria’s mom was laughing too hard to answer. I though she was asking to be reincarnated again because of the pain, but she was just asking if she could have a second Carnation breakfast drink.