photo by John Lester

The cat has been hiding today, and Saria decided she was going to dress up as Sherlock Holmes to find him.

She has spent an hour looking all over the house for a brown plaid shirt, which no one in the house owns, but she needs for her costume.

She is freaking out, and refuses to settle on a different shirt or use a little more imagination to pretend that she’s wearing a brown plaid shirt. She is so fixated on exactly how her costume has to be, that she is never going to get around to actually doing the fun part of pretending to be Sherlock Holmes and look for the cat with her spy glass.

She is being super grumpy, as everything is annoying her now, since she can’t find exactly the right shirt. She’s been asking if she has enough allowance saved to buy a brown plaid shirt, which she probably wouldn’t be able to find the perfect one at the store, anyway, and that she would only wear once.

Saria just came into our room and said in a snotty voice, “Mom, I want my own credit card and pay my own taxes, to buy my own brown plaid shirt.”