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Life with an Aspergers Child



Wrapping paper

photo by The Scott on flickr

We were talking about wrapping Ava’s birthday presents when her mom mentioned using some pirate wrapping paper. Ava, who usually likes all things pink and feminine said, “I don’t care what wrapping paper you use. It’s all white on the inside.”

It seemed so deep on so many levels, and of course, super cute.




On the way to school this morning, Ava said, “Neutered means you can adopt kittens of the wild, but not of the tummy.”

Ava’s Definition of Aspergers

Using advice we read online about how to address family issues when one child is has a disability, we sat Ava down to explain why we treat Saria a little different from her.

We said, “Your sister is a  little different.  She has Aspergers. Do you know what Asperger’s is?”

Ava said, “Yes.  It means you get a lot of attention.”

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