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Back to the future

I was driving Saria and Ava to school Friday morning when Saria said that she wants to keep her Littlest Pet Shop toys forever.

“I hope that I never gives them to charity,” she said. If she ever gives away her Littlest Pet Shop toys in the future, she will have to hold a college science fair and reward prizes to the first person that invents a time machine.

Saria will then use that time machine so that she can go into the future and yell at her future self, “What were you thinking?!”


I see dead people

Ava was sleeping in so long that Genevieve got worried about her and asked Saria, “Can you go check on your sister, and make sure she’s alive?”

Saria responded with, “Yeah, the thing is… I don’t really want to touch a dead person”.

Future Saria

Genevieve found a note in her office that Saria had left herself.
Genevieve found a note in her office that Saria had left herself.


photo by Essie Gilbey

Saria was going on about her best friend, and ended it with, “And sometime when I’m G-A-Y, I might even marry her, but I haven’t thought about that yet, and I have lots of time.” It’s great that she already knows that she has plenty of time to figure out if she’s G-A-Y. She couldn’t explain why she spelled it out.

Sherlock Holmes fix

photo by John Lester

The cat has been hiding today, and Saria decided she was going to dress up as Sherlock Holmes to find him.

She has spent an hour looking all over the house for a brown plaid shirt, which no one in the house owns, but she needs for her costume.

She is freaking out, and refuses to settle on a different shirt or use a little more imagination to pretend that she’s wearing a brown plaid shirt. She is so fixated on exactly how her costume has to be, that she is never going to get around to actually doing the fun part of pretending to be Sherlock Holmes and look for the cat with her spy glass.

She is being super grumpy, as everything is annoying her now, since she can’t find exactly the right shirt. She’s been asking if she has enough allowance saved to buy a brown plaid shirt, which she probably wouldn’t be able to find the perfect one at the store, anyway, and that she would only wear once.

Saria just came into our room and said in a snotty voice, “Mom, I want my own credit card and pay my own taxes, to buy my own brown plaid shirt.”

Crime and punishment


Saria and I were talking about her and her sister needing to keep their toys upstairs when the babies come.

Saria asked me, “What will happen if we don’t keep our toys upstairs?”

I answered, “If I find them, they’ll go in the garbage. If the babies find them, they’ll choke and die.”

“Is that all? We won’t get in trouble?”, was Saria’s response.



Saria had her tonsils and adenoids removed last Friday in order to treat her mild sleep apnea. She’s been in pain, on a soft food diet, and her appetite has been low, so she’s been drinking a lot of meal replacement drinks.

Her throat has been feeling a lot better the past two days, but her ears are aching, which is normal due to referred pain caused by swelling.

Saria expects her pain medicine to remove the pain entirely, and instantly, after she takes it. As a result, she doesn’t believe us that it works and has been fighting us on taking it. Even though we’ve explained it to her over 20 times, she thinks it’s impossible that the LorTab is helping with her pain in any way. The possibility of it helping with her pain is as possible as her being a green alien, she said.

This morning, Saria had a milk chocolate flavored Carnation Instant Breakfast and then asked, “Mom, can I have a reincarnation?”

Saria’s mom was laughing too hard to answer. I though she was asking to be reincarnated again because of the pain, but she was just asking if she could have a second Carnation breakfast drink.

Lose these teeth

photo by Jason Gessner

Saria and I were talking about what she was going to do on her day off of school today, when she went off on a tangent saying, “I wish I’d lose these teeth”. She was pointing at her mouth.

I asked, “You mean your crooked teeth?”

“No, these ones,” she said, then opened her mouth and pointed back at her molars.

“Why, are those uncomfortable?” I asked

“No. I want more money from the tooth fairy. Some kids at school have lost like 10 teeth this year.”


photo by -JvL- on flickr

Saria has the tendency to get up super early. Usually around 5am, but sometimes earlier.

This morning we asked her what time she got up, and she was feeling a little defensive. Instead of trying to guess what time she woke up, she responded with, “I’m a morning person, can people just get used to it?!”

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